Hazardous Area LED Light Fixture [New Products] Larson Electronics

Hazardous Area LED Light Fixture [New Products]

Larson Electronics’ HAL-LI-48-2X150LED 300 watt hazardous area LED light fixture is designed for recessed panel mounting. LED technology and a compact design make it a suitable replacement upgrade option for paint booths and hazardous locations where flammable chemical vapors are present. This explosion proof fixture is a 2x4 Class 1 Division 2 hazardous location lay-in LED light panel with a T5 temperature rating. An aluminum framed, hinged, 3/16” thick poly-carbonate door provides direct front access to the internal components. The lamp housing is designed for recessed mounting and is constructed of non-sparking aluminum, powder coated with a white finish.  The fixture provides 12,000 lumens of light while drawing only 150 watts. The housing is specially designed to dissipate heat which increases the efficiency and lifespan of the LED luminaire.

Larson Electronics


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