Manual, Low-Profile Palletizer Southworth Products Corp.

Manual, Low-Profile Palletizer

Southworth’s PalletPal Roll-In Level Loader is a manual palletizer with a low-profile, open-ended platform. It allows the forks of an ordinary hand pallet truck to literally roll into it, in between the platform’s outer beams and a center support beam, while the pallet ends up on top of the scissor-lift platform. This design accommodates loads on any open-bottom pallet or skid and ensures that the load is evenly placed when the hand truck is lowered and rolled away. Because workers can feed and offload it with a hand pallet truck, they don’t waste time waiting for a forklift and trained operator to assist them.  A powered foot switch allows smooth, hands-free adjustment of the platform to the most comfortable height as boxes are added or removed, reducing worker fatigue and injuries. It has a 2,200 lb. capacity, lowered height of 3¼ inches, 31½ inch raised height and a 48 x 53 inch platform.

Southworth Products Corp.


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