PC-Taught Palletizing Robots [New Products]

PC-Taught Palletizing Robots [New Products]

Yaskawa Motoman’s PalletSolver robotic palletizing software suite for Motoman robots permits the setup of pallet patterns and robot motion on a PC so that the robot does not have to be taken offline for teaching. PalletSolver enables quick changeovers without stopping production to validate pallet patterns and allows faster integration of a palletizing system by making it easy to configure and set up. PalletSolver can be customized for complex robotic palletizing applications. Its offline pallet pattern generation tool supports multiple robotic workcells, dynamic gripper zone management, constraints handling, unlimited SKUs and more. An intuitive graphical interface helps with configuring cell parameters and offers a guided step-by-step process for developing patterns.

Yaskawa Motoman



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