Pick to Light Carts Save Time [New Product] Menlo Worldwide Logistics and Inther

Pick to Light Carts Save Time [New Product]

Menlo Worldwide Logistics is now using pick to light carts developed by Inther Logistics Engineering.  Menlo's Maastricht facility in the Netherlands is the first operation to bring the system into operation, and it will help Menlo process 60,000 orders per year. The carts use guidance lights on the reception bins and move from aisle to aisle rather than on the storage racking. The carts accommodate 16% more orders for Menlo and can carry larger, or irregular out-sized items. Data show savings of 2 to 3 hours per day just on the picking list printing process, a further 30 minutes on manual order consolidation, and picking performance improvements of up to 50%.
Orders are consolidated at the beginning of each shift and can be
sequenced in batches of 21 at a time. The cart's alert buttons enable the operator to report product discrepancies from the rack location before moving on to the next item with no loss of time.  The report is immediately logged at a discrepancy station for resolution without disruption to the picking schedule.

Menlo Worldwide Logistics

Inther Logistics Engineering


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