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Material Handling Technology Webinar Series

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The Role of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Today's Warehouses

One of the main objectives of supply chain management is to minimize variation, which has long been the enemy of efficiency. Unfortunately for traditional supply chains, by the time variation is identified, it is often too late to avoid major disruptions. The information provided by IoT deployments allows supply chains to invest less in eliminating variation because timely and effective responses are now possible.

Attendees of this webcast will understand:

  • The concept of the "Always-on" Supply Chain.
  • How a suite of technologies—including sensors, communication devices, servers, and analytics engines—are being deployed to enable the "Always-on Supply Chain."
  • How leading companies are linking the physical and information worlds more closely together within warehouses.

Robotics & Automation in Warehousing & Distribution

Advancements in robotics technology are enhancing the distribution and warehouse workplace and are continuing to deliver value to early adopters. Automation and robotics provide more efficient ways to drive many of the simple, repetitive tasks done in distribution centers. Benefits include not only increased productivity but also faster response times, reduced training cycle times, increased inventory accuracy and improved security and control.

Through this webcast, attendees will get a view of:

  • What advancements in robotics and automation are most applicable to warehousing and distribution.
  • Specific examples of how these advancements are improving the warehousing and distribution workplace.
  • How these and emerging advancements can potentially impact the distribution center of the future.

Sponsored by KNAPP Logistics Automation, Inc.

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Inventory and Network Optimization

For most consumer goods companies, the ability to deploy assets and position inventory well is crucial to delivering the right service at the right cost. Network optimization tools help companies conduct forward-looking scenarios that identify value impact and associated risks. These tools can be very powerful in determining where to produce which products, what to make versus buy, where to hold safety stock, which transportation modes to use and to differentiate service response times by product and customer.

Attendees of this webcast will gain insight into:

  • How leading companies create competitive advantage through the design of their supply chain network.
  • The top supply chain uses for inventory and network optimization tools today and over the next one to two years.
  • How inventory and network optimization tools can also be applied effectively to manufacturing strategy, cost-to-serve optimization, M&A strategy and execution, production capacity planning, and risk management.