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Post Protector

Sept. 16, 2005
Today with the demand of high product output and the need to keep man hours down per carton, lift operators need to move very quickly. More times then
Today with the demand of high product output and the need to keep man hours down per carton, lift operators need to move very quickly. More times then we would like to admit the concern for the equipment and racking system end up falling victim to damage. Even though you can train your people and discipline the deliberate offenders there is not much more you can do for day to day wear and tear. In the past the old style post protectors helped to minimize some of the damage to your racking system but at the same time it would cause unnecessary damage to your lifts tires. At the same time your pallets would sustain unwanted damage. Not to mention the protector would still end up smashing into your column and causing a crease at that point. Studies conducted by RMI and others have calculated that it costs a minimum of $1,000.00 to
$1,400.00 to replace a single upright, after all steps of repair or replacement are calculated in due to damage caused by a forklift and that is if no one was injured. With all that in mind it would be unfair to your fulfillment team members not to at the least install a rack protection system that will actually create a safer and more productive environment. Our innovated product is an internally anchored post protector and eliminates all of these problems by giving you a snag free system with unbelievable strength and durability.

External anchored protectors may be cheaper but this is what you end up getting for the
few dollars you may save:

  • Damaged concrete
  • Damaged rack
  • Man hours lost for the unloading and staging of product until repaired or replaced complete
  • The cost of pallet position not in use
  • The cost of the materials for repair or replacement
  • Man hours for the repair or replacement of rack frame
  • And hopefully you do not have to absorb the cost of injury or even worse death

Post protectors with external anchoring configurations are a thing of the past. No more damage to lift truck tires, pallets or products due to exposed anchors.

Our product solves these issues by providing an internal anchoring system that provides you with a snag free environment. The face of the post protector has a deflection point which reduc3es blunt impacts. By diverting the impact load from a direct hit, the integrity of your racking system will never b jeopardized.

In terms of cost, consider how many pallets and product containers are damaged daily due to anchor exposure. The cost of one of our innovative post protectors equals just three pallets. Clearly, reducing damage to lift truck tires, racking and pallets will provide unlimited savings making our post protection system a good long-term investment.

Many leading distributors such as LaGrou, Sears and Anvil have already experienced what our products can do for them, so join in and let us see what we can do for you!

  • Internally anchored
  • Does not attach to your rack
  • Takes up minimal usable bay space
  • Expands out upon impact not back
  • No exposed anchors to damage tires
  • No exposed anchors to damage pallet
  • Completely removable
  • Will reinstall in same location
  • Will install on existing system
We have installed several thousands of these units and have yet to have a single complaint. Our customer base is very impressive to name a few:
  • Sears Logistic Services
  • Bun-o-Matic
  • Nike
  • New York City Transit Department
  • United Steel Products

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