More Ships Than Ever Coming to and Going From America

April 4, 2006
Here are the most recent addition and upgrades of service for moving freight by water. More capacity can mean better opportunities for shippers to shop

Here are the most recent addition and upgrades of service for moving freight by water. More capacity can mean better opportunities for shippers to shop for the best freight rates balanced by calls and transit times.

The Atlantic South Express (ASX) is a new trans-Atlantic service from APL. It offers fast transit times between northern Europe and the U.S. Southeast. Two first-ever calls for the container transportation company are London’s Tilbury and Savannah in the U.S. ASX makes direct calls at Zeebrugge, Tilbury, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Charleston, Savannah and Miami. The carrier now offers seven weekly Atlantic services with multiple calls at ports like Charleston (eight per week) and New York (seven per week).

Beginning Monday, April 17, vessels of Hamburg Süd’s East Coast Americas (ABUS) will begin calling at Port Everglades, Florida. ABUS service to Miami has already ended, and all its South Florida activities will now be handled at Port Everglades. At Port Everglades, Florida International Terminal provides terminal and stevedoring services as it already does for the carrier’s rotations that link Florida with Venezuela (VENEX) and the U.S. East Coast with the South American West Coast (AGAS).

A new direct service between North China and the U.S. West Coast, China Northeast Service (CEN) has been initiated by Hanjin Shipping. The carrier will use 600 TEU from five 5,500 TEU CKYH alliance fellow member, COSCO Container Lines, containerships. CEN is aimed at meeting increased pressure for capacity from North China business and will link Qingdao with Long Beach in 12 instead of 18 days. The complete service is Dailan, Tianjin, Qingdao, Yokohama, Long Beach, Oakland, Yokohama and Qingdao.

Beginning in May, CKYH Alliance is jointly offering its Pacific Northwest (PNW) services with vessel upgrades for four loops. In addition to the CEN service mentioned above, COSCO and Hanjin’s (CH-PNW) South and North Loops will reduce transit time for South China to U.S. West Coast ports to 11 days and to Seattle in 10 days. The South Loop is Hong Kong, Yantian, Yokohama, Vancouver, Seattle, Yokohama and Hong Kong. North Loop calls are Shanghai, Busan, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Gwangyang and Shanghai.

The ‘K’ Line upgrade of K-PNW service will offer a direct call at Xiamen and transit time improvement from Yantian to Tacoma from the present 15 days to 11 days. The rotation will be Xiamen, Hong Kong, Yantain, shanghai, Nagoya, Tokyo, Tacoma, Vancouver, Tokyo, Nagya, Kobe and Xiamen.

Yang Ming’s Y-PNW rotation will be Keelung, Yantian, Kaohsiung (HJS terminal-YML terminal) Tacoma, Portland and Keelung. The carrier will use five 1,800 TEU vessels in the loop and link South Mainland China with the U.S. West Coast with a transit time from Kaohsiung to Tacoma of 12 days.

Joint service ‘K’ Line and MOL has just begun between Asia and Mexico and the West Coast of South America. Called the New Andes, the service will use nine 2,000 TEU containerships – four from MOL and five from ‘K’ Line. Port rotation is Keelung, Chiwan, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Shanghai, Qingdao, Pusan-Manzanillo (Mexico), Buenaventura-Guayaquil-Callao, Iquique-Valparaiso, Lirquen, Yokohama and Keelung. The Qingdao call is bi-weekly.

Eastbound service (from Asia to Mexico/West Coast South America) starts direct calling at three new ports in China: Xiamen, Shanghai and Qingdao. New Andes is the first service offering a direct link from Xiamen/Qingdao to West Coast South America ports.