Odyssey Logistics Uses TMS to Grow Global Business

Dec. 3, 2009
Odyssey Logistics is using a transportation management system from Management Dynamics to grow its international business

Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (OL&T), a logistics and transportation service provider for the chemical and process industries, has expanded its use of Management Dynamics’ Transportation Management solution to provide its customers with competitive routing and rate options for international shipments. This scalable web-based solution has enabled the OL&T logistics team to grow its international business and develop stronger customer relationships.

The transportation management system (TMS) allows OL&T to centrally manage its ocean service contracts, describing every term with a rules engine to create ‘calculable contracts’. Fully integrated with all carriers’ governing rules tariffs, the solution evaluates all potential routings from available bullet rates to more complex multi-factor combinations of outport arbitraries, alternate port-to-port rates, and inlands. This allows users to compare full bottom-line rates across multiple service contracts, modes of transport, routings and service levels.

OL&T has seen several significant benefits since implementing the TMS, including:

Optimized Carrier Selection – a secure, centralized repository of ocean freight rates and service information provides the OL&T logistics team the ability to compare shipping options based on cost and service parameters and ultimately optimize carrier selection for its customers.

Differentiated Service Offering – multi-factor search and rating engines empower the logistics team to prepare accurate rate quotes and help clients handle complex rate requests when offering differentiated freight cost proposals to their customers.

Reduced Transportation Costs – ability to compare full, bottom-line shipment costs including all applicable assessorials side-by-side prior to booking allows OL&T to capture cost savings for its clients.

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