Choice Logistics Introduces Denied-Party Screening

July 21, 2009
US Dept. of Commerce and Treasury Dept. regulations restrict exports to various denied parties. Choice Logistics has added screening capability

Choice Logistics, provider of outsourced mission-critical service parts logistics services, announced a “Denied Party Screening” service to help clients comply with US Department of Commerce and Treasury Department regulations for exporting equipment and related components. As part of the service, Choice screens each export shipment coming into its Strategic Stocking Locations against two lists of denied entities and parties, as well as embargoed countries. Choice plans to expand the program, and will ultimately conduct comprehensive global compliance screening of more than 70 lists worldwide.

“Export compliance is an emerging issue that is gaining increasing significance in the day-to-day operations for many of Choice’s clients,” said Michael Notarangeli, vice president of field operations. “Since global mission-critical service parts management depends on reliability and efficiency, our role is to help clients navigate these complex regulations, and educate them as new requirements emerge. We believe this service will be a tremendous resource to avoid legal entanglements and stiff financial penalties.”

Choice utilizes automated tools and enterprise systems to review and filter each shipment before processing, ensuring concerns are addressed as early as possible to minimize delays. The new screening service also acts as a safety net to each client’s internal controls, offering another layer of security to mitigate risk, says Choice.

In the event of a compliance issue, Choice’s Global Trade Compliance Group reviews the matter, advises the client of the potential violation, and works with them to remedy the situation, if possible. These solutions can range from correcting documentation, obtaining new licenses, or taking other legal measures to achieve conformity.

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