Ceva Launches Ground Service

Oct. 21, 2009
Ceva Logistics has launched a new ground transportation arm, Ceva Ground

CEVA Logistics has launched its new ground transportation arm, CEVA Ground. This will integrate all service offerings, including the process of supplier’s contracts, freight conference, freight audit, loads tracking, performance metrics of the transport management and transport planning, said Ceva.

CEVA Ground will help improve operations performance, which will be instrumental in assisting the Business Development and Logistics Competence Center win new business contracts. The new structure will be implemented immediately and will be driven by a €140,000 ($210,650) investment with the ambition of achieving 10% growth by next year, said Ceva.

CEVA Ground has been categorized under three core areas: Planning and Transport Purchase, Operations and Transport Products and Management and Transport Control.

“We believe that CEVA Ground will help accommodate our customers’ needs more efficiently as we will have a complete vision of the whole logistics process, said Ricardo Melchiori, director, CEVA Ground. “Much more than logistics suppliers, we intend to be seen as a strategic partner working closely with our customers.”

CEVA Logistics also launched a newly consolidated Charter and On Board Courier (OBC) Service. It identified the key market segments for Charter and On Board Courier services as being within Aerospace (AOG), Healthcare, Automotive, Technology, and Energy sectors, where the company already has a strong market presence.

“As a global business, we have recognized the need to provide this type of service to our customers, to complement our existing air freight services," explains Joe Bento, president Americas at CEVA.

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