CEVA Logistics Reorganizes South American Operations

June 3, 2009
The company will now operate with two large and independent business units—Brazil and what it terms the South America Multi Country Area.

Within Brazil CEVA will be opening its newest and largest distribution center (DC) in the São Paulo city of Louveira. The facility will have 82,000 square meters of space, some 63,000 square meters of which will be used for storage. With the ability to handle 250 trucks daily, the DC has 114 leveling docks and six ramps for express deliveries. Total capacity is 60,000 pallets.

The territorial reorganization is part of a strategic move by CEVA to combine its Contract Logistics and Freight Management divisions. The special emphasis on Brazilian operations is part of a plan implemented by the company’s Airton Gimenes, who notes, “Brazil offers the biggest growth potential for CEVA on the American Continent. We expect to achieve approximately 15% growth per year in the country within the next three years with this new structure.”

The new DC uses RF (radio frequency) technology, employing data collection via terminals installed on its fork lifts. This enable mobile control of pallet picks and movements, saving transport time and expenses. CEVA explains the technology it is deploying permits customers to obtain data online about all processes within the facility and to review operational performance indicators.

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