DHL Enhances Cargo Security throughout Latin America

Aug. 22, 2011
Thanks to seven Security Monitoring Centers, DHL will be able to track ground shipments from their point of origin to the final destination in Latin America

Global logistics company DHL has introduced seven Security Monitoring Centers throughout Latin America. The Centers track ground shipments from their point of origin to the final destination in Latin America using the latest technology.

By using a geolocalization system, the DHL Global Forwarding division monitors shipping in real-time in addition to using various security mechanisms at the warehouses. These mechanisms include closed-circuit TV, access control and intrusion alarms, as well as physical monitoring of freight by fully trained professionals and armed guards, electronic and steel locks under the C-TPAT/BASC standard, and mobile GPS.

DHL’s Monitoring Centers are located in Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. These Monitoring Centers service the entire region from the seven countries. The Monitoring Centers’ GPS systems are customized for the software and platforms of each country, allowing for management of multiple GPS brands. Operating like control towers, the Monitoring Centers track freight as it travels by land across these countries.

Using various detection mechanisms, DHL is able to analyze and identify questionable shipments, making transactions and movements reliable and transparent to customers and law enforcement agencies.

Employees were trained in how to use the tracking software as well as the web technology that closely monitors shipments. DHL also has a select group of Global Forwarding Security personnel in the region that through a training program with Webster University in Geneva, Switzerland, have obtained anti-fraud certification. DHL Global Forwarding is working with the BASC World Organization in the process of obtaining the Americas Regional certification for all the Latin American countries where DHL has a presence. The certification signifies the company has met BASC Security Standards and fulfilled all the organization’s requirements.

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