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Project Loon: Google X Aims to Give Everybody on Earth Internet Access

Sept. 15, 2014
Whether the issue is affordability, geography or natural disasters, two out of three people on Earth do not have internet access.  Project Loon aims to change that.

A year ago, Google X announced its skunkworks project, Project Loon with little fanfare.  Project Loon is designed to use a network of polyethylene-based, Solar- and battery-powered balloons somewhat resembling weather balloons which carry antennas networked to other balloons as well as to Internet antennas on the ground.

Supply chain implications for Project Loon are enormous.  Mike Cassidy, director of Google X’s Project Loon, featured speaker at the Material Handling & Logistics conference hosted by Dematic, states that the supply chain implications alone are enormous.  Cassidy points out, “Project Loon offers a way to track every shipment, everywhere in the world.”

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