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Transportation Not at Top of List for Sustainability

June 18, 2015
A new study found that transportation, which includes vehicle manufacturers, airlines, rail, infrastructure and logistics ranked at the bottom of the list for sustainable industries.

Agriculture, energy, and food and beverage industries lead with positive reputations for sustainability while manufacturing, leisure services and transportation lag, according to the 2015 G&S Business Communications Sense & Sustainability Study released earlier this month.

The study, fielded by Harris Poll, is the firm’s sixth annual survey of U.S. adults about their perceptions of the corporate commitment to environmental and social responsibility. 

Among the industries measured, Americans rank agriculture (47%), energy (40%), and food and beverage (36%) in the top three with the best reputations for environmental and social responsibility.

In comparison, the industries that trail among those measured for best sustainability reputations are: Transportation, which includes vehicle manufacturers, airlines, rail, infrastructure and logistics (19%); leisure services, which include hotels, cruise lines, casinos and restaurants (17%); and manufacturing (14%).

More than two-thirds of Americans say businesses can contribute to their positive reputations for sustainability by conserving natural resources (72%) or supporting environmental or social causes (66%).

Americans say the general public bears considerable responsibility for the well-being of people, communities and the environment throughout the process of supplying goods and services.

Significant social and environmental responsibility is assigned to the general public by the majority of U.S. adults (55%), as compared to other groups that impact the supply chain, including the supplier (45%), brand (37%) and retailer (30%).