Participants (l-r): John Hill, director, St. Onge Company; Jim Shephard, president, Shephard's Industrial Training Systems; Tom Andel, editor-in-chief, MH&L; James A. Tompkins Ph.D., CEO, Tompkins International; Ann Christopher, vice president & general counsel, Kenco Group, Inc.; Ronald Zybura, consultant in career and technical education with Ohio's Cuyahoga County State Support Team 3 (guest); Ron Giuntini, consultant and principal of Giuntini & Company; Alan Will, retired Marine colonel and president, PWG Distribution; Tan Miller, director of the Global Supply Chain Management Program at Rider University.

MH&L Roundtable Report: Who's Filling Our Supply Chain Gaps?

Sept. 9, 2014
From Alibaba to Walmart, the supply chain implications of these omni-channel leaders are making headlines. 

Supply chain management is one of the most dynamic fields of study when it comes to developing new educational curricula and expanding business strategy. Many mainstream business journals have latched onto this trend, devoting headlines to the supply chain implications of Alibaba, Amazon, Walmart and other omni-channel leaders.

This attention to all things “omni” inspired MH&L to devote omni-coverage to its third annual Editorial Advisory Board Roundtable report.

Starting now and continuing through the coming week, MH&L will provide our Editorial Advisory Board’s analysis of the state of global logistics, transportation capacity, technology usage, omni-channel strategies, talent development and the Internet of Things.

Our in-print roundtable report is augmented here by audio sound bites from the event, video one-on-ones with the participants, tweets from MH&L staffers and comments from board members who weren’t able to take part in-person.

MH&L Editorial Advisory Board Roundtable--Part 1: Competing in a Global Marketplace,

MH&L Editorial Advisory Board Roundtable--Part 2: The Infrastructure Capacity Crunch,

MH&L Editorial Advisory Board Roundtable--Part 3: Technology Challenges,

MH&L Editorial Advisory Board Roundtable--Part 4: Channel Changes,

MH&L Editorial Advisory Board Roundtable--Part 5: Talent Development is Your Job

MH&L Editorial Advisory Board Roundtable--Part 6: The Internet of Things and Other Future Destinations

You can also take part in this forum by sending your observations and predictions about any of the above topics to MH&L’s chief editor, Tom Andel, at [email protected]. Your comments will be added to our coverage, making it a true omni-directional information forum.