Top 25 Supply Chains of 2024

June 6, 2024
Gartner notes that the best supply chains now have ESG criteria firmly embedded in their operation.  

In Gartner's 20th annual Global Supply Chain Top 25, there were some notable changes from last year's list.  The first was the entrance of NVIDIA. Gartner noted that it was based on its strong financial performance, and that might be an understatement.  NVIDIA grew from $1 trillion to $2 trillion in 2024.

Also new to the top ten this year were Diageo and Coca Cola. 

"The supply chain organizations in this year’s Top 25 were notable for better protecting growth rates in a challenging operating environment, while at the same time delivering more sustainable operations," said Simon Bailey, vice president and analyst with the Gartner Supply chain practice, in a statement. “The best supply chains now have ESG criteria firmly embedded in their operations, while delivering higher than average growth rates, better returns on physical assets (ROPA) and stronger margins.”  

Gartner notes a few trends in the companies for this year. Supply chains are looking more closely at using generative AI to for use in customer serice, and manufacturing. But Gartner notes that "many are struggling to find clear use cases."

However, with regard to talent, they are using AI to redesign roles, assist with learning and develope and automate processes.

With regard to talent, the companies are funding "people-centric strategies" to achieve higher levels of engagement. To redesign roles, assist with learning and development and automate processes they are using AI. and reduce work friction, companies are using AI.

While this slideshow features the top 10, here are the other companies that made the top 25. 

11.  L’Oréal

12. AstraZeneca

13. PepsiCo.

14. NIKE, Inc.

15. Intel

16. Siemens

17. Nestlé

18. Inditex

19. Dell Technologies

20. Pfizer

21. HP Inc.

22. Danone

23. BMW

24. Heineken


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