Alan Will

Retired Marine Colonel, Logistics Specialist, and President

Alan Will is a career Marine Corps officer who served 27 years and retired at the rank of colonel in 2008.  Specialized in logistics operations, he implemented the first warehouse management system (WMS) in Marine Corps distribution centers and installed state of the art material handling systems.  As logistics officer for the 22,500 man Marine Expeditionary Force in Al Anbar, Iraq during 2005, he oversaw transportation, maintenance, feeding and support for the force as well as for newly trained Iraqi security forces. Most recently, Will developed a warehouse and distribution skills training program for a local community college in Southeastern Virginia.  The program focused on entry level skills with the potential for advanced studies in warehouse operations. He is currently president of PWG Distribution Solutions, LLC, a firm specializing in analysis of WMS requirements for small and medium-sized firms involved in distribution operations.