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Supply Chain Careers Resilient Through the Pandemic

July 6, 2021
During the pandemic, 95% of supply chain professionals kept their jobs and 59% received a salary increase.

Supply chain careers proved to be one of the most resilient throughout the pandemic in terms of salaries, job stability and new opportunities, according to a new report Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM). ASCM’s 2021 Supply Chain Salary and Career Report analyzed data from 2,200 industry professionals and found that while supply chain professionals faced unprecedented trials, they managed to rise to the challenge. Even as workloads increase and the need for new skills arose,  salaries did increase. And as  those in the profession reported being “ very satisfied with their supply chain careers and would highly recommend the field as a rewarding path for others.”

Here are some statistics on supply chain professions with regard to compensation:

  • 95% kept their jobs
  • 87% received additional cash compensation
  • 59% received a salary increase
  • 48% are working at home

Additionally, APICS-certified professionals earned a median salary of $90K

Report findings include:

COVID Impact Although fewer received a salary increase in 2020, the increases themselves were higher than last year, reinforcing the need for supply chain talent. Unsurprisingly, workloads increased and there was a greater need for risk management, digital supply chain and leadership expertise.

Fast Job Replacement The pandemic has significantly increased the demand for supply chain professionals. Whether just graduating college or already working in the field, about one-third of respondents say they found a job in less than a month. More than half secured employment within three months of starting their search.

Good Benefits A little less than half of supply chain professionals (45%) enjoy four weeks or more paid time off each year. Nearly all receive paid holidays and almost 70% have paid family/medical leave, including maternity and paternity. The majority of respondents (81%) are satisfied with their benefits.

Gender Gap Closed for Those under 40 For the past two years, the pay gap between men and women under 40 narrowed. This year, it finally closed: Women in the age group report a median salary of $81,000 annually, which is $2,000 more than the median salary for men under 40.

A Career to Love Despite a stressful year, supply chain professionals continue to report high job satisfaction. On a 1-10 scale, 70% of respondents rate career satisfaction with an 8 or higher. Most of them (88%) have a positive outlook on their career and would recommend supply chain as a fulfilling professional path for others

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