TopGrading Solutions Changes Name to LifeWork Search

Feb. 14, 2011
Supply chain search firm emphasizes balance with new brand

Supply chain recruiting organization TopGrading Solutions has changed its name to LifeWork Search. The new identity is reflective of changing economic conditions and social demands, and is meant to be indicative of the core philosophy of the firm: A balance between life and work creates happier employees, who in turn build more competitive and profitable companies with less turnover and turbulence.

Jason Breault, managing director, started the Supply Chain Planning Division in 2006. “As we enter a well-deserved period of economic recovery, the landscape is vastly different than it was a few years ago,” Breault says. “For many companies, demands for supply chain professionals have never been greater. You’d be surprised to learn how many companies were caught off guard by the recession. Those without a strong forecasting process in place were hit the hardest and are now in a state of urgency to build up demand planning teams. Against this backdrop is a new generation of talent entering the job market, and companies are struggling with the resulting management challenges. To remain competitive companies must be more proactive in their recruiting and retaining efforts.”

TopGrading Solutions’ Payments Division also becomes part of the LifeWork brand. Larry Lebofsky, who heads up the Florida office, will lead the overall vision and operations of the Payments and Retail Technology Practices.

“The name change symbolizes the core philosophy we bring into every client or recruiting conversation,” Lebofsky says. “Companies that burn out their employees face attrition, absenteeism and retention problems that ultimately lead to trained talent jumping ship to rival companies. This wastes companies’ time and money and has the unintended consequence of strengthening their competition. The lack of science within the hiring process results in poor chemistry within teams and between departments, which leads to missed deliverables, lost sales and finger-pointing. We believe life and work must be brought into balance and when that happens, employees, and their employers, will excel.”

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