Hire Someone Not Looking to be Hired

March 2, 2011
Sometimes the best talent is already employed and not looking to make a move. These people can be game changers for your organization.

Extraordinary individuals and top performers in all industries are also known as Game Changers. Every company understands that you need these unique individuals if you want to dominate your industry.

Game changers share many similarities. They can be quickly identified by the following characteristics:

-Gainfully employed and usually not job hunting;

-Well known in their industries;

-High impact to their company’s bottom line;

-Airtight references and proven track records;

-Extremely driven and get the job done at any cost.

Hiring game changers requires a recruiting process that is unique and capable of attracting them to your company. The usual applicant screening and interview process won’t work. Hiring managers have to change their mindset and approach to capture this type of talent. Consider taking the following steps:

Strengthen your company image. It’s important to increase your visibility, build trust, and confidence that your company is solid and THE place to work. Sell them on why your firm outpaces the others and how they will have an integral role. A Game Changer needs a “WOW” factor before even looking at your job.

Understand the difference between an applicant and recruited candidate. The Game Changer did not apply for a position at your company. You recruited them. Therefore, they expect and require a tailored and painless recruiting process that requires little of their time and meets all of their expectations.

Be flexible with job requirements. An ordinary job opportunity would not be of interest to this high level recruit. Research what factors get attention on their “short list” of opportunities to consider. Customize and build the position with their input. Include their desired degree of independence, the extent of their authority, the ability to build their own team and select projects.

Be creative with compensation and benefits. Expect that the Game Changer is receiving attractive offers from other companies as well as counteroffers from their current firm. You need to proactively research what that counteroffer is likely to be and to prepare a compelling strategy to overcome it.

A recruiter can help you by developing a capture strategy and offering negotiation assistance. They will also help you land this talent in the shortest time possible and provide support during the transition phase.

Dan Charney is Managing Partner with Direct Recruiters, Inc., a Cleveland-based search firm. He can be reached at 440-248-3370 x110, or [email protected].

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