Supply Chain in the Summertime

May 26, 2011
Looking for supply chain talent? Chances are, they’re looking for companies that offer perks such as summer hours and flexible schedules

Besides money, what perks are job seekers looking for from prospective employees? Based on research conducted by LifeWork Search, the most popular non-monetary benefit for employees is summer hours, cited by 46% of survey respondents. LifeWork Search is a search and recruitment organization that specializes in supply chain planning and procurement.

Flexible work arrangements are becoming more popular within the corporate world, and for some job candidates it’s a deciding factor when choosing their next position. After summer hours, the perk that job seekers say they would most appreciate is an extra day off (23% of respondents); 9% say they would enjoy a company outing; and 7% wanted a role that allowed casual dress.

Also, 15% selected “other,” with many respondents saying they desire a flexible work schedule, one that might include the ability to work from home.

“We’re starting to see a lot of companies put wellness and associated programs in place to help employees balance the challenges of work and life,” says Jason Breault, managing director of LifeWork Search. “More companies are coming to the realization that healthy-minded employees are more productive employees. We are constantly being asked by hiring managers what they should put in place to make their environment friendlier.”

Breault notes that many of his gainfully employed candidates are “eager to switch careers for a company that is big on culture and flexibility.” Summer hours, or the ability to work from home, may not work for every department, but it is gaining widespread popularity in companies who want to satisfy employees when financial rewards are limited. Handing out an extra day off, according to the survey, is just as beneficial.

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