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Are Workplace Wellness Programs Worthwhile?

Feb. 13, 2014
Workplace wellness is one of the worst ideas since New Coke—and nowhere near as good for you, according to authors of a new book on the topic.

Vik Khanna and Al Lewis, authors of the new book “Surviving Workplace Wellness: With Your (Major) Organs, Dignity and Finances Intact?” have a lot to say about wellness programs. 

“The problem with the current wellness program models is that employers are under the impression that the impact of these programs is clearly defined and measurable, “says Khanna.

Lewis argues that “conventional wellness is hazardous to your health.”  Challenging one of the foundations of the wellness programs, the author point out there are harms to screening:

  1. Failing to diagnose a real problem, which may encourage someone to ignore symptoms which may emerge later, or mislead them into believing that their “negative” result gives them permission to persist in or revert to unhealthy behaviors ;
  2. Detecting problems (usually cancers) for which early diagnosis and treatment not only don’t change the end result, but also make people feel worse for longer ;
  3. Diagnosing problems that would not have become clinically significant or don’t actually exist, the follow-up for which can be hazardous, debilitating, and expensive.

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