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Union Efforts at FedEx Freight Mixed Bag

Dec. 4, 2014
While drivers in some locations have voted again the union, other locations have supported organizing efforts.

While FedEx Freight, a national less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier, announced on Dec. 4 that for the fourth time in five weeks the Teamsters union has withdrawn an election petition, there are other cities where union efforts are continuing.

FedEx Freight drivers have voted against the union in Louisville, Ky., Delanco, N.J., and Newark, N.J.

The union has withdrawn petitions before the scheduled elections in Nashville, Tenn., Middletown, Pa., South Newark, N.J., and Richmond, Va.

However other cities are still in the process of deciding the matter.

On Nov. 19  a group of 222 drivers at FedEx Freight’s Charlotte, N.C., terminal voted  to join Teamsters Local 71.

Last month on Oct. 31, in South Brunswick, N. J., a group of 113 drivers voted to join Teamsters Local 701.

And on Oct. 14 in Croydon, Penn., a group of 47 drivers voted to join Teamsters Local 107. 

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