How Well Do You Know the Job Candidate of Today?

Dec. 4, 2015
Job seekers today are savvier about their searches and available resources, including how to use a number of social media platforms to enhance their success rate.

The job search in the material handling and logistics industries has certainly changed over the past five years. Today’s job seekers are savvier about their searches and available resources, including how to use a number of social media platforms to enhance their success rate.

Moreover, the power has shifted back to the job seeker. In fact, U.S. employers are predicting the strongest fourth quarter hiring blitz since the final quarter of 2007, according to the latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey.

Therefore, it’s a candidate-driven market. That means candidates can afford to be picky and many are being downright demanding. What else should employers know about today’s job seekers?

They’re always looking for their next opportunity. Career exploration has become the norm. In fact, candidates in their 20s will have a dozen or more jobs by the time they hit their 30s. They don’t like staying in one place too long. They not only change jobs, but often change industries as well. They believe there’s always something better out there.

They want more purpose in their work. Today’s candidates are looking for meaningful work, something that is bigger than themselves or the job. They are not necessarily accepting a job based on the size of a paycheck but rather a worthwhile mission and promising team to join.

They are attracted to companies that have a great social media reputation. Candidates are more apt to accept a job offer from a company that has positive social media practices, beliefs and reviews. In fact, a study cited by Fortune Magazine ( showed that 72% of job candidates trust what they read about employers on Facebook. So if candidates perceive that your company is viewed positively, the happier they will be about going to work for you every day.

They’re interviewing you as much as you’re interviewing them. During interviews, candidates are evaluating you, your company and whether they really want to work for you. Therefore, you as the interviewer need to be mindful that someone with the right qualifications, experience and attitude may have other offers. This means that you must sell the job and the company to the candidate.

They want a shorter hiring process. The most in-demand people have other offers. You will lose great candidates with a long hiring process. Many employers land the best people simply by interviewing them quickly rather than making them wait weeks before even setting up a meeting or second interview. Also, job seekers want you to get back to them promptly to let them know where they stand.

They want to be contacted through mobile platforms. After referrals, no recruiting channel is more important than the mobile platform. Prospects and candidates must be able to do everything from applying to accepting jobs directly and seamlessly from their mobile devices, including smartphones, iPads, etc. Because it has the highest message response rate, all recruiting communications and messaging must migrate to the mobile platform.

They’re thinking about starting their own business. Today’s candidates have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and may consider dabbling in an outside endeavor, such as app development or graphic design. While most companies still frown upon “working on the side,” it is not stopping employees from researching if there’s a need in the market for their product or service and acting on it.

These are the realities of the “2015 and beyond” job seeker. Your company needs to discontinue old hiring practices and get on board with what today’s candidates want and expect. It’s the only way you will be able to attract and acquire the best talent and therefore, stay competitive.

Dan Charney is president & CEO of Direct Recruiters Inc. (DRI). As a seasoned search professional with 15 years of experience, his specialty areas include material handling and logistics, packaging, capital equipment and automation systems.

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