80% of Retail Workers Feel Unsafe While on the Job

80% of Retail Workers Feel Unsafe While on the Job

May 24, 2024
72% of workers have experienced incidents where they couldn't respond to threat due to understaffing.

Given the increasing security issues in retail and the labor shortage, 80% of retail workers are scared every day as they clock in for work. This is according to a new survey,  2024 Retail Worker Safety Survey, from Theatro.  

Additionally, 72% of workers have experienced incidents in which staff couldn’t respond to a threat because their store was understaffed.

 Other key findings in the report include:

Key findings include:

·   63% say that staffing shortages have made it harder to keep their stores safe, and an alarming 72% have experienced incidents in which staff couldn't respond to a threat because their store was understaffed. 

·   In-store workers are feeling vulnerable and unsupported by retail management as they navigate frontline pressures while seeing glaring gaps in store safety measures. 62% of workers say they feel ill-equipped to deal with difficult situations, and 51% rate their store’s technology as only slightly or moderately effective.

·    A majority of in-store workers think their store would be safer if leadership solicited feedback from in-store workers, yet 23% said they hadn’t been involved in any capacity in safety and security planning for their store.

·   Retail workers have identified what is becoming the new standard for technology-enabled store safety measures, with 37% spotting the need for discrete emergency alert systems and 31% wanting communication devices with established code works for emergency situations. 

·   In the face of industry-wide staffing shortages, retailers are facing a potential mass exodus from workers over these safety and staffing concerns. Along with escalating risks as employees contemplate legal action over safety issues, this trend will rise further if left unaddressed. 73% of retail workers are considering leaving their jobs, and 64% would consider suing their employer over a store crime incident.

“In-store workers are the backbone of the retail industry, bringing the heart, soul, and connection that transforms customers into loyal brand advocates,” said Chris Todd, CEO, Theatro, in a statement. “This survey exposes the dangers these frontline employees face daily as they work tirelessly to keep our stores safe and secure and outlines a clear path for what the industry must do to respond.”

Todd continued, “Ensuring employees feel safe, valued, and protected is not just a moral obligation; it’s a business imperative that drives customer satisfaction and loyalty. "


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