Celebrities Who Started in Logistics [QUIZ]

It’s getting harder and harder to find experienced truck drivers. There were more than 30,000 job openings for truck drivers only a few months ago, and that number isn’t likely to shrink. In fact, the industry must attract 100,000 new drivers each year just to keep up with demand growth and driver attrition.

You can do what Ben E. Keith Foods DFW division did and recruit truck drivers out of your warehouse. The idea was that these workers had a better feel for what and who they were driving for. In other words, they had motivation.

Actors are big on motivation to help them excel in starring roles. In fact, many big stars got their start driving trucks—either lift trucks inside a warehouse or semi-trucks over the road. Sometimes they did both. With that in mind, MH&L thought it would be fun and motivational to show you which stars and celebrities got early introductions to the working world through logistics. See if you know, or can guess, the answers to the following “Before They Were Stars” questions. (Try not to peek at the thumbnails!)

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