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Manufacturing Day 2018: Using Technology to Attract Talent

The theme for Manufacturing Day 2018 is “Open Doors, Open Minds.” Enticing top talent to the field is the annual goal of this event which continues to grow. Last year events attracted 225, 000 students who said the exposure improved their attitudes toward this career.

New this year is the Smart Manufacturing app and comic book  which showcases how augmented reality, IoT, and additive manufacturing are transforming manufacturing. Manufacturing companies are hoping that showing students the role that technology is currently playing, and will continue to play, in this sector will spark their interest in the field. Attracting talent is  essential for the growth of the sector to continue. A survey from Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute found that 3.5 million U.S. skilled manufacturing jobs will need to be filled between 2015–2025.

This slideshow showcases just a few of the many events taking place on this day. To keep updated follow the day on Twitter at #MFGday2018. 



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