TNT Avoids Labor Action

TNT and its trade unions have reached an agreement in principle on a new one-year collective labor agreement.

The agreement will come into force retroactive to April 1, 2008 and will apply to all TNT employees in the Netherlands.

The unions will present the agreement to members with advice they accept it, putting to rest concerns over a planned industrial action.

The agreement calls for a salary increase of 3% plus a 0.5% monthly payment until April 1, 2009. The monthly payment will become a structural increase if a consensus is reached by no later than April 1, 2009 on a number of issues.

The issues include an operations collective labor agreement at TNT Post's operations business unit, market-level terms and conditions of employment for operations, marketing and sales and the policy and support units for empolyees who don't fall under the planned collective labor agreement for operations, market level terms and conditions of employment for employees of TNT Post Parcel Service, including the Transport unit. A separate collective labor agreement for Express, TNT Head Office, Spring, Centris, and European Mail Networks would also have to be reached. The monthly payment agreement would lapse if no agreement is reached by March 31, 2009.

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