When Choosing Employees is Motivation More Important that Qualifications

When Choosing Employees is Motivation More Important that Qualifications?

When evaluating potential job candidates a recent survey found that one third of executives said a candidate’s motivations and drivers are the most important factor when sourcing for open positions. A survey by Futurestep, a Korn Ferry company, found the next most important factor was the skill set (27%), followed by past experiences (24%), and then traits such as assertiveness and confidence (16%).

Interesting where the candidate attended college or the degree earned was not included in the most important category..

The reason that motivation is most important, as reported in an article on the Society for Human Resource Manager by Roy Maurer, is that it offers clues as to whether a candidate  will be a good fit. “For example, one very potent driver is power—the motivation to attain work­related status, visibility, responsibility and influence,” Futurestep Managing Director of Global Operations Vic Khan. “Those who work in a competitive environment and have this driver would likely be highly engaged and successful. Conversely, those same people working in a more collaborative culture may struggle.”

Asked how the companies found candidates the survey found that more than two­ thirds (68%) of respondents said their best candidates typically are active job seekers.  About half (52%) use their own professional network first when sourcing candidates. Only 6% said they rely on internal referrals.

“Having a solid professional network has been and will always be critical for those sourcing candidates,” said Khan. “However, we also recommend that organizations create an internal mobility program to tap into the gold mine of key talent that already exists within the company.”

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