3PL Software [New Products]

3PL Software [New Products]

HighJump released AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL version 4.2, which includes 76 new advanced capabilities and feature enhancements and includes integration to HighJump’s newest module: Profit Work Bench. This application is now available for monitoring and measuring profitability by facility or customer, making it suitable for when there are multiple customers in a facility sharing space, resources and equipment.

AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL 4.2 operates on HighJump’s HTML5 platform, which enables the use of the HighJump One Platform Apps products. This delivers applications for managers and staff to access enterprise-class functionality across mobile devices and OS platforms (Windows, iOS and Android). This OS- and device-agnostic mobile capability delivers enterprise resources and apps to wherever it is needed, either on enterprise or consumer devices.



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