AGV with RFID Traffic Control [New Products]

AGV with RFID Traffic Control [New Products]

Creform Corp.'s standard NSI AGV (shown) can control up to 50 courses with 128 commands each via an HMI touchscreen and built-in RFID for traffic control, and with load capacities to 1320 lb., depending on floor conditions.

Creform also has developed a 42mm pipe and joint heavy-duty workstation and 42mm flow rack with wide Placon conveyors. The workstation is built using Creform 42mm plastic coated pipe and metal joints with a variety of accessories.  Creform workstations feature an ergonomic lift system with various load ratings capacities available and have an adjustable stroke for positioning the work surface to fit an associate’s stature. The 42mm flow rack with wide Placon conveyors allows for the handling of heavy totes and assures the totes can be easily moved from conveyors to work areas.

Creform Corp.

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