Analytics for Industrial Vehicles, Containers and Trailers [New Products]

Analytics for Industrial Vehicles, Containers and Trailers [New Products]

I.D. Systems Inc. has launched its latest generation of supply chain asset analytics software: PowerFleet IQ for fleets of forklifts and other industrial trucks, and VeriWise IQ for fleets of containers, trailers and other transportation assets.

PowerFleet IQ and VeriWise IQ provide a holistic view of asset activity across an enterprise supply chain. The systems generate asset performance metrics, site-by-site assessments, enterprise-wide benchmarks, and peer industry comparisons. The data helps facility managers, fleet managers and corporate executives by identifying opportunities to improve asset management and measuring asset and system performance on an ongoing basis.

PowerFleet IQ and VeriWise IQ convey data through both key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards and detailed reports that can be emailed to users automatically. The KPIs answer critical questions, including: How effectively are assets being managed? How efficiently are asset fleets being utilized? Are operations being conducted safely? Is asset management technology being used to its full potential?

I.D. Systems’ analytics software starts with high-level, strategic data elements, such as geographical distribution of asset utilization, asset performance trends, asset performance compared to the user’s enterprise average and peer industry, and asset management system health. The software also drills down to tactical details at the site and individual asset levels, pinpointing best-practice, average, and underperforming fleet facilities and assets.

I.D. Systems Inc.

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