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Digital Dock Dashboard

Aug. 25, 2020
Warehouse and DC dock operations of any size and scope can now interconnect their equipment with the cloud-based and data-driven 4SIGHT Connect Digital Dock.

Warehouse and DC dock operations of any size and scope can now interconnect their equipment with the cloud-based and data-driven 4SIGHT Connect Digital Dock.

From retail, high-volume distribution, and warehousing dock operations to food & beverage, cold storage or industrial facilities, 4SIGHT Connect Digital Dock provides real-time access and management to a variety of dock data and KPIs. Essentially, it grants full control over an entire dock operation via remote monitoring while helping to increase both efficiency and safety.

With 4SIGHT Connect Digital Dock, warehouse and DC personnel can:

Monitor physical processes and make intelligent data-based decisions.

Transmit equipment operational information for remote management.

Receive condition-based maintenance alerts to minimize downtime during repairs, improve product staging and shipping monitoring.

Better manage operational costs as well as eliminate waste and unnecessary work by identifying monitoring lags in turnaround time.

Combined, these benefits translate into a more robust, efficient, and managed shipping operation.

The heart of this digitally advanced product is either a Kelley or Serco brand Digital Master Control Panel, which serves as the dock data collection point for equipment status and operation. Featuring an intuitive touch screen, the stand-alone Digital Master Control Panel not only provides personnel with dock equipment data but when paired with a 4SIGHT Connect system and connected to the 4SIGHT Connect edge device, each Digital Master Control Panel continuously beams dock equipment status and operations data directly to a 4SIGHT Connect Dashboard which can be viewed on any connected mobile device or computer with Internet access.

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