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TMS for Small and Mid-Sized Truckload Carriers

Jan. 14, 2021
Axele has introduced major upgrades to its transportation management software, Axele, developed specifically for small and midsized truckload carriers.

Axele has introduced major upgrades to its transportation management software, Axele, which has been developed specifically for small and midsized carriers in the full truckload industry.

Among the major upgrades to Axele are:

QuickBooks Integration offers Axele PRO users the ability to integrate their QuickBooks online account with Axele to streamline the customer invoice creation process, speed up invoice data entry, and reduce manual entry errors. Carriers can map Axele invoice categories to QuickBooks invoice categories, sync customer records, create new customers, and send invoice record details from Axele to QuickBooks with one click.

With an Advanced Dispatch Module, carriers can split loads into legs and assign those to separate drivers. Users can create invoice records for each leg to pay drivers while generating one consolidated customer invoice for customers.

EROADS, 3MD ELD and LB Technology have been added to the list of ELD providers supported for Axele’s Truckload carriers. The ability for carriers to connect their ELD providers to Axele allows for enhanced visibility for predictive ETAs, integration of Hours of Service information for driver scheduling, and improved location tracking.

Push notifications are now available on Axele’s mobile app. Drivers can receive a notification without having the Axele mobile app open, allowing them to focus on the road and still be aware of new load assignments, cancellations and other real-time updates.

Document Scanning is now enhanced to support quicker, intelligent scanning with higher resolution images, page edge detection, image rotation, multi-page documents, and automatic color/resolution optimization.


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