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Adjustable Guide Rail

April 14, 2021
Span Tech has introduced the EZGUIDE adjustable guide rail.

Span Tech has introduced the EZGUIDE adjustable guide rail.

The most notable feature of the EZGUIDE system is it does not have any protruding brackets or rods which could be a major safety hazard. The system does not have any mechanical components which protrude from the sides of the conveyor during adjustment. All the mechanics are done without the need to protrude past the conveyor, keeping everything safe for those walking close to the conveyors.

Another feature of EZGUIDE is it is designed to remain adjustable through curves. That is, the radius of the guides can change as the guide width is increased/decreased in the curve.

EZGUIDE is available in two options:

Fixed: This option provides a basic fixed-width guidance solution for single-width products and/or safety concerns (such as overhead conveyor installations).

Manual Adjustment: This is the entry-level system which is adjusted by manually unlocking the guides and positioning the guide rail by hand.

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