Dta Dolphin Agv

AGVs for Warehouse Transport

Sept. 30, 2021
DTA Global Service has introduced the Dolphin line of AGVs driven by BlueBotics ANT (Autonomous Navigation Technology) natural feature navigation.

Driven by BlueBotics ANT (Autonomous Navigation Technology) natural feature navigation, the Dolphin line of automated vehicles offers heavy industry users a flexible and adaptable on-site transportation solution that will significantly increase efficiency.

Dolphin AGVs are accurate, robust and fully automatic. Capable of moving payloads weighing up to 300 tons, these vehicles feature motorized rollers and highly flexible 360-deg. omnidirectional steering with built-in laser scanners for enhanced safety.

ANT navigation offers high positional accuracy of approximately ±1 cm / ±1-deg., while BlueBotics’ ANT server management software enables entire fleets of Dolphin AGVs to operate seamlessly together on-site. ANT’s server can also be connected to a site’s existing management software system (WMS/MES/ERP) and infrastructure such as automatic doors, allowing these for example to be opened automatically when an AGV approaches.

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