Bulk Robotic Palletizer

Oct. 12, 2021
The MP1000 Robotic Bulk Palletizing/Depalletizing End of Arm Tool from Brenton Engineering Company can pick up full layers of product at one time.

The redesigned MP1000 Robotic Bulk Palletizing/Depalletizing End of Arm Tool can pick up full layers of product at one time, making it a great time-saving solution for a variety of industries, including plastic container manufacturers.

The MP1000 provides consistent tight layer grids of palletized and depalletized product through cradle and place technology that combines a servo-operated rotary tool and slat system to gently handle full layers of product weighing up to 500 lb. with each motion. Cradle and place technology outperforms traditional roller or vacuum pick and place systems, which can leave trays behind or fail to handle certain bulk items.

The MP1000 is an ideal solution for palletizing and depalletizing applications for empty or full bulk items, bags, cans, bottles or irregular-shaped packs. It also works well for handling cases, open or sealed cases, trays, display packs, and bundles.

The redesign made the MP1000 more efficient to operate by lowering the overall weight of the tool and utilizing a smaller robot while still maintaining a lifting capacity of 500 lb. It can accommodate most shapes and types of products, even soft or delicate products.

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