2.5-Ton Electric Forklift

Nov. 11, 2021
The next-generation 2.5-ton B-X Series Electric Forklift from Hyundai Construction Equipment will apply lithium iron phosphate batteries.

The next-generation 2.5-ton B-X Series Electric Forklift will apply lithium iron phosphate batteries as they require shorter charging time and generate higher output power than lead-acid batteries mainly applied to conventional electric forklifts. They are suitable for the eco-friendly logistics industry with long operating hours.

The driver’s convenience is maximized with an optimized driver's seat design and air-conditioning and heating functions from an ergonomic aspect to ensure an internal structure that can support long-term operations. Moreover, it allows battery withdrawal on the side, thereby increasing the maintenance convenience. Conventional electric forklifts needed cranes when taking out a battery, but the B-X Series allows withdrawing it on the side more easily and safely using hand pallets or forklifts.

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, Inc.

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