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Wide Mobile Flow Rack

Feb. 1, 2022
Creform Corporation's Wide Mobile Flow Rack is for lineside flexibility, reusability, and efficiency.

For lineside flexibility, reusability, and efficiency, the Wide Mobile Flow Rack is built using Creform’s 28 mm pipe and joints. The low-friction skate wheel conveyors allow for shallow flow lane angles that are suitable for both plastic returnable totes and cardboard boxes.

Each of the top two flow lane levels of the flow rack feature 10 skate wheel conveyors and provide the flexibility to handle a wide variety of box sizes and types. In this instance there are no lane dividers for complete loading flexibility, and the very top supply level is set back 6 in. () to improve access to parts in the boxes presented below. There is also an empty container return level on the bottom. The rack includes some extra height to allow for plenty of room to adjust the levels. Each of the flow rack’s levels can be repositioned, or the whole flow rack can be customized with simple tools.

The flow rack pictured has a load capacity rating of 600 lb. (272.2 kg). It features six 4 in. casters for easy movement--four swivel wheels with two featuring brakes. Two fixed casters in the middle help provide better steering control when moving the flow rack from one location to another.

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