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Elite Fulfillment Bagging System

Feb. 8, 2022
PAC Machinery's Rollbag R3200 Fulfillment Automatic Bagger works with bags up to 16 in. (40.6 cm) wide and 24 in. (61 cm) long.

With the Rollbag R3200 Fulfillment Automatic Bagger, users can increase efficiency and lower material costs. This mail order fulfillment bagging system is ideal for e-commerce, order fulfillment, and distribution facilities that require the highest level of performance in their order fulfillment packaging operation. 

The auto bagger works with poly tubing and bags on a roll. The R3200 can either be equipped with a label applicator that applies a direct thermal label onto the bag (no need for ribbon) or with a thermal transfer printer that prints directly on the bag using ribbon.

The standard R3200 works with bags up to 16 in. (40.6 cm) wide and 24 in. (61 cm) long and has a seal bar opening of up to 6 in. (15.2 cm).

Helping users to save on costs, improve branding, and increase customer satisfaction, this automatic bagger helps facilitate flexibility when packaging items of various sizes. An additional benefit includes using the latest in sustainable packaging materials.

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