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Autonomous Trailer Backing Technology

Feb. 15, 2022
Fully Autonomous Trailer Backing Capabilities are now available as part of the Outrider System.

Facilitating distribution yard automation, the Fully Autonomous Trailer Backing Capabilities added to Outrider’s fleet enables autonomous yard trucks to back trailers into tight spaces with precision and without modifications to trailers. These capabilities are now available as part of the Outrider System, which automates distribution yards for large, logistics-dependent enterprises. 

Outrider’s articulated backing technology is fully autonomous, adheres to strict operational requirements, and is capable of seamlessly controlling a trailer through its full range of motion. With this technology, the Outrider System is able to precisely back the diversity of semi-trailers that are used in the industry, including 28 ft, 48 ft, and 53 ft dry van trailers, containers, and refrigerated trailers – all without teleoperation or other types of human interaction.