Berkshire Grey Mhl

AI-Enabled Pick and Pack System

April 5, 2022
Making 24/7 autonomous operations possible, Berkshire Grey's Robotic Pick and Pack with Identification increases capacity without adding labor.

Now including advanced auto-identification and item manipulation technology, the Robotic Pick and Pack with Identification (BG RPPi) system is for improving fulfillment throughput capacity in autonomous eCommerce autobagging. The AI-enabled robotic system works through combining the automated picking with smart placement for placing items directly into autobagging equipment.

Leveraging advanced machine learning, items can be packed directly into polybag, polyfilm, and sustainable packaging machines. Auto-identification and item-specific robot manipulation technology enables the real time identification of individual order items. The data is passed to the autobagging equipment to create labels and package the items for shipping.

BG RPPi empowers retailers and providers to increase capacity without adding additional labor, make 24/7 operations possible, and handle 3X the number of SKUs compared to other robotic solutions.

Berkshire Grey

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