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Reliable Handling AMR

April 12, 2022
Bosch Rexroth's MP1000R AMR automates material handling applications without additional external infrastructure.

Able to safely and autonomously transport finished goods, raw material components, and work in progress on pallets or shelves, the MP1000R AMR has a 2204.6 lb. (1000 kg) payload capacity. It automates material handling applications without additional external infrastructure using the ROKIT Locator Software.

Able to navigate autonomously in highly dynamic environments, the scalable solution can replace manual forklifts and tuggers, improving worker safety and increasing efficiency.

Operating in tight spaces or down to aisle widths of 55 in. (1400 mm), it features a compact size and zero turning radius. The fully loaded moving speed is 1.5 m/s, making it ideal for moving pallets and shelves between warehouses or AS/RS to production areas or shipping docks.

The SLAM technology for the AMR was developed in collaboration with Geek+. The CE and ETL-certified robot features hybrid navigation with SLAM + QR Code, 360-deg. obstacle detection, anti-collision bumpers, and emergency stop buttons in the front and rear.

The AMR can easily interface with existing systems and customer specific equipment. A 39Ah lithium battery provides continuous power via autonomous opportunity charging.

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