New Generation Robot

April 18, 2022
The N-220-2.7 Robot from Comau is easy to use, easy to integrate, and easy to maintain.

A 485 lb. (220 kg) payload robot that ensures precision, flexibility, repeatability, and minimum backlash, the N-220-2.7 features a modular set up, direct kinematics, absolute calibration, and evolved motion algorithms to deliver ease of use, straightforward integration, and faster post-installation maintenance. It has an innovative architectural approach, streamlined design, and an intensive use of modularity. It can be used in many industries, including automotive, F&B, and fulfillment and logistics.

It is the first of a new generation of 6-axis articulated robots, and it has Performance Level D cartesian safety features, a hollow forearm, an integrated application dressing, and a wide working area. In addition, it comes fitted with integrated forklift adapters and optional high-torque washers for automatic anchoring base fixing, easier relocation, and fast installation.

The e-Motion software algorithm improves cycle time, motion quality, and path control, and the robot has increased agility and a wide backward working area. It can reliably automate assembly, spot welding, packaging, and material handling operations.


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