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Smooth Dock Leveler

May 10, 2022
Nordock's TLH Retrofit is ideal for docks that need an immediate solution to eliminate end-loading problems.

The TLH Retrofit is a horizontal-storing, telescoping-lip dock leveler suited for docks that need to upgrade their operations without major installation hassles. It is sized perfectly for the most common pit size, and other sizes are also available. The leveler in a convenient retrofit packaged can usually be installed in existing pits without the need for cutting or extensive concrete work.

To make sure cargo is better protected, users can precisely position and extend the telescoping lip to the truck to keep it from damaging goods on end loaded trailers. Designed with safety in mind, the elimination of the dock-to-truck gap prevents injuries and reduces forklift damage.

Additional benefits include an optional bumper to bumper foam seal under the leveler, a faster flow of freight, and cost savings.

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