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User-Friendly Asset Tracking Solution

May 31, 2022
Sensata | Xirgo’s OTAC (Over the Air Charging) Tracker Charging Station makes it easy to safely charge, store, and access up to 400 asset trackers at one time.

Sensata | Xirgo collaborated with Ossia to create the OTAC (Over the Air Charging) Tracker Solution. It is ideal for fleet operators and large retailers who have shipping yards and distribution centers that can benefit from streamlining temporary asset tracking. The solution makes it easy to safely and simultaneously charge and store up to 400 compatible asset trackers per charging station that are used to track assets where permanent attachment or external power is an issue.

This charging solution uses Ossia’s Cota Real Wireless Power transfer technology to enable the monitoring of high-value remote assets where power is unavailable. The mobile station is user-friendly, can wirelessly charge many OTAC-compatible asset trackers at once, and can be customized to fit other asset tracking solutions. The charging station’s wireless power eliminates the need for wires, cables, charging pads or specific placement orientation.

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