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Cre 677 Kitting Cart

Kitting Cart

July 5, 2022
Creform's kitting cart helps keep manufacturer’s focus on parts.

Creform Corp. has designed and built a kitting cart for an aircraft/ aerospace manufacturer that focuses on inspection and repair of aircrafts and their engines. The parts being handled are normally the user’s customer property and are typically those that not only are critical in terms of their cost but also the potential negative effect on the overall schedule if damaged or lost. Since many of these parts cannot be quickly or economically replaced, they need to be handled carefully.

The unit, with dimensions of 96" L x 48" W x 63" T and designed to hold up to 600 lb., features a custom five-level shelf section on the left with pull out drawers. Each drawer features a solid surface and a lip around the perimeter to help ensure the product does not move during transit. The right side of the cart has four shelf levels with solid surfaces (cart shown has only one of the four solid surfaces to show the integrity of the structure). The cart has a top shelf that acts as a dust cover as well as for overflow storage if needed.

It features six 5 in. diameter casters for easy, stable and safe movement. A foot activated floor lock is included for additional stopping precision. Wheels lend themselves to moving the structure for transport, housekeeping and/or repositioning while its open design allows the user to visually survey the parts stored and to quickly retrieve the desired parts. The cart is also suitable for temporary storage of all the parts needed for a job.

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