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Stable Trailer Support

July 21, 2022
Positioned at the trailer’s nose, the Ground Mounted Trailer Support from Ideal Warehouse Innovations prevents trailer collapse.

Ideal for busy loading docks, the hands-free Ground Mounted Trailer Support (GMTS) can be deployed/retracted with the push of a button. It is permanently positioned in the trailer docking area in its retracted state. When a trailer has been docked and secured, the GMTS can be activated from inside the loading dock area, rising to support the trailer from below, during loading/offloading.

The GMTS supports safety because it prevents trailer collapse and is built for dock environments where a worker in the yard would be at risk from dock traffic. Unlike most trailer support options, the GMTS is not manually deployed by a dockworker, but is operated safely from inside the dock area, eliminating risk and saving time.

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