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Industrial Tire

Sept. 16, 2022
The MAXAM Tire MS700 features heat resistance and shock absorption.

The MS700 resilient solid tire is made with EcoPoint3 compound to deliver performance and productivity. The compounding allows the tire’s liquid-mixed masterbatches to be produced with less filler, higher ratios of stress at elongation, and minimum proportions of impurities. This allows for skid, wear, and rolling resistance for a more energy-efficient tire.

For an evenly layered compound uniformity and safety on all forklifts, the series features the highest quality, filler-free, three-stage compound construction. The tire features a five-deg. sidewall taper and a unique tread for optimal combination of traction and tire life. By incorporating a superior center compound with heat resistance and shock absorption, the MS700 is ideal for the most demanding industrial applications.

Developed for maximum lifting capabilities, even for applications used in port, the MS700 has one of the widest footprints in its class. Designed with a distinctive tread pattern and smooth centerline, this product enhances steering and prevents chunking in aggressive applications.


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