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Maneuverable Compact Forklift

Nov. 30, 2022
The HUBTEX RoxX Compact Forklift Series gives users a high degree of flexibility in addition to the wide range of load capacities.

With load capacities from 8 to 30t, the expanded range of trucks in the RoxX compact forklift series solves specific challenges across many industries. With the electric drive and steering systems, heavy loads can be handled in the tightest spaces. With the patented single-wheel steering system, the turning radius is also significantly reduced.

The masts range from a 2-stage Simplex mast with a lift height of 133.9 in. (3,400 mm) as standard, a 2-stage mast with full free lift (Duplex) or a 3-stage mast with full free lift (Triplex). The three lift mast variants have something in common: Not only can they pick up heavy loads and move them safely, but they also provides the driver with an unrestricted panoramic view from the driver's cabin. All models can be tilted from −5 degrees to +5 degrees. HUBTEX also designs additional mast solutions to meet individual customer requirements.

Along with the optimally designed lift mast, the large windows offer the spacious driver’s cabin a good panoramic view. Also, the cabin can also be easily folded down to enable fast response times and easy maintenance. In addition, the modular design of the heavy-duty compact forklift allows optimal access for maintenance and repair. Finally, the easy-to-use multifunction display HIT3 terminal provides a continuous overview of all the key data for the truck.

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